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Jason Spezza Out at Least a Couple Weeks as Dallas Stars Forwards Remain Cursed

Those 191 man-games lost from the forwards alone is about to get higher.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Ready for yet more fun injury news from the Dallas Stars season that just can’t let us have nice things?

This time, it’s yet another member of the top six (theoretically top 3 when they put together the superfriends line) going down for some period of time with an injury, as Jason Spezza will take his turn among the list of the injured.

Spezza took a hard but clean check to the chest from Adam Lowry in last night’s 4-3 loss to the Winnipeg Jets and did not return to the game. He landed hard on his left hip and elbow, and while the Stars aren’t disclosing the injury, the mechanism would lead to suspicion of shoulder problems, or perhaps a back issue.

Here’s a clip of the hit:

Spezza has a history of back problems (surgery in 2013 during his time with the Ottawa Senators), and he missed time with a lower-body injury in the early throws of this season with approximately 32 of the Stars other forwards.

With Spezza shelved, the Stars would be missing five players that were penciled into their lineup before the season (not counting the erstwhile Valeri Nichushkin) - Spezza, Mattias Janmark, Ales Hemsky, Johnny Oduya and Jamie Oleksiak.

If you want more evidence that this season is the worst, at the All-Star break, the Stars had lost 189 man-games to forward injuries, by far the most in the NHL. Tampa Bay just edges them in cap hits lost to forward injuries (breaking Steven Stamkos will do that to a team), but was 62 games behind in man-games lost.

The only team even close in number of forward games lost is Winnipeg (159 at the break), but the players they have lost end up far less expensive in terms of cap dollars (which as a somewhat correlated relationship to potential impact, rookie contracts obviously notwithstanding).

And that doesn’t count whatever it is that Jamie Benn has been battling, as implied by Daryl Reaugh last night, while remaining mostly in the lineup.

The Stars won’t be forced to make a roster move to fill out their compliment of players as they have been regularly scratching two forwards. Obviously, those players are the first line, first power-play type forwards that Spezza is, but not having to make a move at all is at least some sort of good news, right? Right?