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Dearest Annabelle

On the occasion of my movements west.

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My Dearest Annabelle,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I open this letter to you tonight. The Victory Regiment has been decommissioned, and I have been reassigned to the west. I do not know when I shall be able to write you again.

The movement may serve for good or for ill. This new regiment has seen victory in many skirmishes this winter, and the morale of the troops is reported to be strong. The battles will only grow harder before the end, and I will press on for victory, for glory, for you and for our girls. My courage does not falter.

I cannot describe to you, Annabelle, that true affection I have felt with these brothers-in-arms, nor the pain I feel in leaving them now. The hope we felt last fall, that carried us through the bitter winds of winter, has faltered, with naught left to do now but send those of us that can still fight to battles that can still be won.

The men of the Victory Regiment that I leave behind I leave behind only in body, for I shall carry their spirits forever. Their joy in victory, their agony in defeat, their comradery in the trenches and their playful spirits at camp will stay with me on this long journey, and for many seasons to come.

I pray soon that I shall be returned to you, with sound mind and sturdy body, to stand beside you in our fields, to sit beside you at our table, to walk beside you through the rest of this life and that to come. Think of me as I travel, pray for me in this continued battle, and if you can, spare some thoughts and blessings for the men of the Victory Regiment that I leave behind.

I remain yours truly,

Maj Patrick Eaves