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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Down Go The Blues

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The Stars explode in the 3rd period to take down St. Louis 4-2. Plus, shootout wins count as goals, a very snowy USA-Canada matchup, and ten predictions for 2018.

In a game reminiscent of the 2015-2016 season, when the Stars were seemingly never out of a game no matter how many goals they were down entering the final frame, Dallas pulled one out tonight against their Central Division foes, winning 4-2. Alexander Radulov, my new favorite person on the planet, proved to be the hero in this one. Here are some highlights:

Is Mattias Janmark elite? Jason Spezza fed him to open the scoring:

Then Vlad Tarasenko tied it at 1, because what he does is score against the Stars:

Shortly after that, Tage Thompson (cool name) put the Blues up 2-1:

Then my mans Alexander Radulov took over: “A swordsman, an assassin, a matador all wrapped in one!” according to Razor. Love that guy (and Razor, best announcer in hockey IMHO):

Rads put in an empty-netter to make things official, 4-2.

Mike the Heika has some postgame quotes. [SportsDayDFW]

Stars Things

Kristina Rutherford has a piece about Stars’ assistant coach Stu Barnes’ journey to the NHL and how he got an arena named after him. [SportsNet]

Scott Burnside chatted up Paul Stastny prior to last night’s game against the Blues:

He’s BACK!:

Likely due to this:

Congratulations to the Stepneski family:

A new Stars podcast for your listening pleasure:

League Stuff

Steve Dangle takes a look at what NHL season the current season resembles the most using Era Adjusted stats. [SportsNet]

Down Goes Brown’s Friday Grab Bag selects the inaugural class of the Three Stars of Comedy Hall of Fame, and also has some beef with shootout wins counting as goals, much like Steve Dangle did above:

The weather and camera angle at the USA vs. Canada outdoor hockey game in Buffalo at the WJC made people on the internet mad, because pretty much everything does these days. [Puck Daddy]

Here’s what actually happened at the game:

No, not particularly:

Huge shocker here:

Former Star Eric Nystrom is suing the Nashville Predators for work related injuries:

Greg Wyshynski’s Weekly Reader has 10 hockey predictions for 2018. [ESPN]