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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Hockey Is Back!

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The NHL is back following three long days off. Plus, grade the trade, podcasts, and bad teams.

Nashville Predators v Dallas Stars
Hi hockey!
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone! Welcome back after (hopefully) enjoying some time off with family and friends. I’m going to be honest, there wasn’t a ton of content out there the last few days besides World Juniors stuff, so this is kind of like a light ease back into hockey before it really comes back with the Stars taking on the Wild tonight (Also, I was flying back to San Diego from Dallas yesterday with a long layover). Enjoy! For those of you off of work/school right now, keep enjoying the time off! For those of you traveling, stay safe and calm! For those of you who are working...keep it up!

Stars Stuff

The Stars’ long home stand has caused some changes to the routine. [SportsDayDFW]

Here is Mike Heika’s take on the Stars prospects at the World Juniors. [SportsDayDFW]

In case you were curious:

The Stars have been making progress, but they’re not where they need to be yet, writes Mike Heika:

Mark Stepneski has some updates on what’s been going on down in Cedar Park. [NHL]

Around the League

Taylor already told you guys about who Stars fans should be watching at the World Juniors this week. Here are some other names of note from other organizations. [Sporting News]

The injury bug has bitten the Blue Jackets in a major way. I guess they were naughty this year. [Sporting News]

This is more than just hockey, but there is hockey involved:

Zac Rinaldo has waived his in-person hearing to decide his punishment for his ugly sucker punch of the Avs’ Samuel Girard last Saturday night. I’m guessing he knows he’s going to get a pretty lengthy suspension. [SportsNet]

Some opening results from the World Juniors:

Down Goes Brown grades some trades from 2017, starting with the Eastern Conference:

Podcasts are pretty sparse this time of year, so in case you need some content to fill your commute/travel/exercise time, here’s some:

R.I.P. in peace, Johnny Bower: