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Happy Holidays from Defending Big D!

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The very best of tidings

Dallas Stars v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

We at Defending Big D would like to wish you (yes, you, reading this) a very wonderful couple of days (or longer, if that’s your jam) during this season. So, to quote that famous philosopher quintet, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.

Taylor and the rest of us at the site will be taking the next day or two to spend time with our loved ones (family, dogs, or otherwise), so activity will be light around here. We have things to do, after all: David has to read a few SparkNotes pages on Euthyphro to prepare for his next Ben Bishop article, Kathleen is busy solving every RSS-related conundrum you’ve ever heard of, Derek is probably binging a bunch of Grand Rapids Griffins highlight packages from eight years ago, Wes is pretending not to hear his crying child as he chews absentmindedly on an empty CapriSun packet, and Taylor is probably working (and hugging every good dog that wanders across her path) harder than the rest of us combined, as usual. Merrin is putting a ton of salt on some delicious meal/internet forum, Tyler and Adam have probably created two different Links posts before reminding themselves that, no, okay, I really can actually relax for a day, and Micah has probably bought four more Stars sweaters since I started writing this. Erin is probably, like, performing tracheotomies on Cabbage Patch dolls in Toys ‘R’ Us or something, I dunno. I can’t track down everyone. You get the point.

But don’t let that get you down! Look at it this way: you’ll have a free day or two without being overwhelmed by stats, highlights, or standings that might disrupt your otherwise peaceful day. So, seasonal felicitations and all that, and if you’re still chiding your foaming bit, here’s a classic Stars video to tide you over: