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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Overtime Blues Continue

The Stars lose their second consecutive game in overtime, this time against the Washington Capitals. Plus reactions to the Jamie Oleksiak trade and the NHL celebrates its 100th anniversary.

NHL: Washington Capitals at Dallas Stars
I love this picture way more than I should.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclaimer: the Dallas Stars have actually won 4 out of 7 of their overtime bouts by my count (2-2 excluding the shoutout), so it’s not as if the Stars are bad after 60 minutes. But they’ve also lost two in a row, and I already wrote the headline, so “overtime struggles” is the narrative we’re going with.

Here’s Hitchcock’s incredibly lengthy post game interview:

Of course it’s not like the game was all doom and gloom. Here’s Jamie Benn’s awesome powerplay deflection, for instance:

Ben Bishop also had a lovely save against former Star Alex Chiasson, though I would have preferred to not see the defense so thoroughly undressed:

Other Stars News

The big news in Dallas yesterday was the trade that sent Jamie Oleksiak to the Pittsburgh Penguins in return for a conditional 4th rounder in 2019. Here’s the official press release: [NHL]

And here’s what Stars GM Jim Nill had to say about moving on from the former first round pick:

You can hear more from Nill in Sean Shapiro’s piece here: [The Upset]

Fun fact of the day:

In non-Oleksiak related news, Shapiro has a great piece on Gemel Smith’s battle to try and stay in the lineup. [The Upset]

(Seriously, if you aren’t subscribed to The Upset already, I highly recommend you give it a go)

Around the League

Three other teams in the Central division played last night. First, the Minnesota Wild beat the Ottawa Senators 6-4. [Hockey Wilderness]

Meanwhile the Winnipeg Jets and Nashville Predators squared off, with the Jets coming away with a 6-4 victory of their own. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

The Predators might not have won last night, but they’re still a really good hockey team.

Former Star Loui Eriksson was once considered one of the most underrated players in the league. Who now holds that crown according to the players themselves? [ESPN]

Happy Birthday to the NHL yesterday, which turned a whopping 100! Jared Clinton looks at numbers 00-99 and why they’re important to NHL history. [The Hockey News]

DownGoesBrown takes the cake in anniversary celebrations though, diving into very bold territory:

Last anniversary story: many people felt the Carolina Hurricanes were a weird team to choose to face off against the Toronto Maple Leafs on the league’s anniversary (they lost 8-1, btw). Turns out the Hurricanes have a knack for ruining the fun for the rest of the league. [Sportsnet]

Great news for the New York Islanders:

Of course any time we hear positive news about the Islanders, we have to ask if that means John Tavares will now re-sign. [NBC Sports]

Scoring is up this season, and it’s not because of subpar goalie play. Terrence Doyle investigates. [Five Thirty Eight]


Stars goalie prospect Colton Point gets a shout out in Ryan Kennedy’s list of need-to-know prospects.