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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Aww Man

That stunk. Plus, Ben Bishop dropping the mitts, Olympic country all-star teams, and a DGB (kind of) anniversary.

Happy Sunday everyone. That is all. Here is the recap of last night’s game:

That’s it. I’m sad.

Dallas! Stars!

Most of this reading works just as well on Sunday morning as it does on Saturday evening (also, the Bishop piece is behind a paywall, sorry):

Mark Stepneski has some words on why the Stars changed their lines up:

And here is Ken Hitchcock in (video) person explaining the adjustments:

Mike Heika answered some questions, including one about how Miro Heiskanen is in a good spot right now. [SportsDayDFW]

Tim Cowlishaw didn’t want to be left out of the question answering game at the Dallas Morning News, so he saw Mike’s bet and called (they aren’t all about the Stars though). [SportsDayDFW]

Vote for Segs!

League Stuff

This “Golden Knights social media team accusing Predators writers of clapping in the press box,” was a very hot topic on the internet this morning. I don’t know why, this stuff is incredibly boring, but some of the media acts like it’s some kind of major controversy (yes, I understand the irony of me saying how boring it is and then sharing it with you, but it’s Saturday right now, not a lot of content). [Sporting News]

Down Goes Brown has some weekend story lines for you. [SportsNet]

A little more DGB in case you missed it Friday: a classic Weekend Grab Bag. [Vice Sports]

If NHL players were actually allowed to play in the Olympics, these guys would probably be on their country’s teams:

Check who leads off this little montage:

As someone whose skating prowess is generously described as, “can make it around a rink several times without falling down,” I found this pretty interesting:

Finally: Tough loss for my boys yesterday against Army, but they gave it their all. Here’s a cool video about the Army-Navy rivalry (and I know it’s not hockey, but it’s my school, so there):