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Proposition 5 On Texas Ballot Will Impact Dallas Stars Foundation

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Make sure to go vote on this on Tuesday!

Dallas Stars v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

There’s a proposition in Texas Legislature today that will impact the Dallas Stars Foundation operations - and the Texas Stars, too.

The previous iteration of the legislation that allowed professional teams to run a 50/50 raffle at their games was limited only to a NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS, or MLB team. Proposition 5 that is only the Texas ballot today will expand this definition to include minor league professional teams, which means the Texas Stars will be able to run 50/50 raffles as well for their foundation.

In addition to expanding the teams that can run them, there is a part of the proposition that will allow 50/50 raffle tickets to be purchased via debit card. Currently, you can only purchase them with cash. (And who carries cash these days, says a millenial...)

So maybe consider voting yes on Tuesday, November 7th to this proposition. You can find your voting locations here!

The change will directly increase the charitable donations the Dallas Stars Foundation will collect each year. For example, at tomorrow night’s home game the Stars will be donating a portion of the 50/50 raffle proceeds to three cancer organizations represented at the game. HopeKids provides support to families with kids with cancer. Flashes of Hope takes photos of children with cancer in moments in which their childhood is captured and also funds research initiatives. The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation is committed to finding a cure for the rare cancer that took Dave Strader from his family and our Stars family too soon.

Make sure to get your cash when you come to the game and buy a 50/50 raffle ticket for these great causes. And when you utilize your right to vote on Tuesday, consider voting to allow debit cards to be used to buy them - and increase the reach that we can collectively have on our community as we give to the Dallas Stars Foundation.