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Dallas Stars Daily Links: The Home Cooking Remains Delicious, also: Jere!

A hat trick was finally a good thing! Plus, Joe Thornton has a lot of assists, are the Caps done? and Antti Niemi still has a job.

Happy Saturday everyone! That was a heck of a game last night. For a while, it seemed like one of those, “one step forward, two steps back,” kind of games until the third period, when the Stars were able to put it away and Tyler Seguin Seg-ed his way into a hat trick. In the interest of time, and also due to the fact that it’s a holiday weekend, there were 10 goals scored in the game, and I still have friends in town for Turkey Day (as I’m sure many of you do), I’m going to cut it short and just link to the game recap here and afterwords here. I’m incredibly thankful for all of the Dallas Stars community. Go Stars, and long live Jere Lehtinen!

Also, just wanted to point this out. Seguin’s ability to want to poke the puck in, realize his stick is above the crossbar, and patiently wait until the puck is below the bar before touching it here was incredible:

If you missed the game last night (or even if you watched and just want to relive it), check out the recap here.

Stars Things

Great ceremony for Jere Lehtinen before last night’s game. Here’s a photo of the action:

The real life version of him looks a lot better in retirement than my bobblehead version:

Poor fake Jere. He lost his stick and most of his left arm years ago, although he now kind of looks like he’s Michael Jackson dancing. Also, not sure why it’s uploading sideways..

The whole crew was there last night:

Except these guys:

Here’s Hitch on Mr. Yellow Laces:

The Western Conference is a crowded, muddled place right now:

Hey, I remember that guy!:

In case you were wondering:


Around the League

Down Goes Brown liked Ken Hitchcock’s injury take, and more in his weekly Grab Bag. [Vice Sports]

Fun fact: Since 2005-2006, teams who are in playoff position on Thanksgiving have made the playoffs 77.8% of the time. At least the Stars have that 22.2% to hope for. [Sporting News]

I haven’t made it all the way through this yet, but what I’ve watched of the NHL 100 Years documentary has been pretty good. [SportsNet]

Joe Thornton is making moves:

Carey Price will be back in net for the Canadiens tonight. Maybe that will help out with the attendance issues. [SportsNet]

Greg Wyshynski’s Weekly Reader examines whether the Capitals are still Stanley Cup Contenders or if they’re just another team now:

Ryan Lambert takes a look at what’s going on out here on the West Coast. [Puck Daddy]

I think it’s a liiiittle early to say who won and lost the Matt Duchene trade:

Matt Larkin getting another shout out here today:

I wish we knew how to quit you:

Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!