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Dallas Stars and Edmonton Oilers: Similar Teams, Similar Expectations

Previewing tonight’s game.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Edmonton Oilers Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars won’t go into Edmonton on a winning streak after losIng to the Colorado Avalanch on Tuesday.

That loss could be a defining moment for this team early in the season. After all, they were the winners of the offseason. They aren’t supposed to be struggling on offense like they have been. They shouldn’t have bloopers on defense. They were supposed to be rolling.

The Edmonton Oilers were finally supposed to be turning a corner.

The high end draft picks were finally supposed to be the difference makers. Connor McDavid was going to lead this team to new heights.

Their season also isn’t off to the start they wanted. Like Dallas, if it’s not the top line scoring, they aren’t scoring. Their lack of secondary scoring might be as bad as Dallas right now.

Matching up against a team similar to them, with both clubs looking for some consistency and wins, the response to their loss in Colorado in tonight’s game could help set the tone for the next -0 games for Dallas.

For more on tonight’s match up, listen to me on TSN 1260 Edmonton from last night talking all things Dallas Stars as they head into this matchup versus the Edmonton Oilers (starts around 20 minutes in):