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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Hold On...Against the Canes

The Stars outlast the Hurricanes in a game that got way too close. Plus, Connor McDavid is awesome, Sean Avery the author, and bad Canadiens.

Dallas Stars v Los Angeles Kings
The Former Captain.

A brief synopsis of my thoughts during last night’s game: Brenden Morrow, I love that guy...hey, nice start! This is good...this is better...this is great! Eh, it’s only one...uh no, is this 2016-2017?...Phew.

Here’s the important stuff:

I don’t like to put personal bias into these, but Brenden Morrow is my favorite Star ever:

Jamie Benn got it started:

Tyler Pitlick pulled his best #4 impression:

Tyler Seguin Tyler Seguined:

Then Rooster fed the La Brea Tar “Pits” (I dunno, trying to come up with something. Wait, can we all buy in on Tyler Pitlick being nicknamed “La Brea?” Pretty cool IMO) to make it 4-0:

After that, it was very ugly, and if you want to seek out the rest of the highlights, I commend you for your bravery. Bottom line, the Stars got the W with 4-3 victory and now sit 5-3-0 on the season, which is a good thing.

You can check out Mark Stepneski’s recap here and Scott Burnside’s Five Takeaways here.

Stars Stuff

I hope you like alliteration: Michigan man Mike Modano marvels at Maple Leaf Mr. Matthews. [Sporting News]

Scott Burnside had a chat with Mr. Game 7, Carolina’s Justin Williams, before last night’s game:

So far, the special teams are looking pretty, pretty, pretty good:

Razor and Luds have both mentioned several times how Ben Bishop’s voice has made an impact:

Brenden Morrow appreciates his bobblehead’s unblemished schnoz:

Everyone Else

A hockey player gets some love as one of the 10 Greatest Athletes of the Future. Can you guess which one? [GQ]

Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers
You guessed correctly.
Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Some more love for a different youngster, including some really breathtaking analysis by Alex Tanguay, as evidenced in the quote below:

Sean McIndoe’s (Down Goes Brown) Saturday Storylines include a bit about the Stars. [SportsNet]

Also, in case you missed it Friday and are need a good Sunday morning laugh:

Sean Avery apparently wrote a book or something. [The Hockey News]

The next step in the quest for better CTE detection in hockey (and everyone) is detecting it in people that are still alive. [SportsNet]

This game was 3-2 and the Canadiens were looking pretty good when I turned it off Friday night. Guess that didn’t last:

More potential bad news for the Habs:

Aayush Das looks at how goalies in new places are faring. [The Hockey News]

Maybe it’s the whole, “betting places always give these kind of odds to the most famous/popular franchise because they know the gigantic fanbase will bet on them,” thing, but maybe not (I’m looking at you Cowboys).

Hey, Greg Wyshynski is at ESPN now! Here is his Saturday Weekly Reader. [ESPN]