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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Remembering Dave Strader

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at Dallas Stars
The Stars salute Dave Strader after their overtime win against Tampa Bay last February. Credit: Jerome Miron
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

When Dave Strader passed away yesterday, we didn’t lose just another announcer; we lost a beloved member of the hockey community. All it takes is a quick peek at twitter to see how many people are in mourning to know what kind of impact Dave had.

But while most will remember him for his fantastic broadcasting talent, he will be remembered by many as a great person first and foremost.

"His legacy as a person will be greater than that as a broadcaster, if that's possible," [Former broadcasting partner Darren] Pang said. "When we were at ESPN, the schedule would come out and I tell you that when any of us saw 'Strader' on your game, you knew it was going to be a well prepared game, a fun game, a stress-free game."

"Ask any producer, director, audio person, etc about being part of a game with Strades. You will get the same answer from all," Pang added. "Everyone adored him, his prep and his call; everyone. I will miss him dearly. The sporting world will miss him. His legacy will forever live."

Last season during his battle against cancer, Dave was able to return to the broadcasting booth to call five games for the Dallas Stars. It was an impactful moment that reminds us that that no matter how bad things might seem, we can always push forward. As long as we are able to, we can fight until the very end.

But what will stay with us forever, what remains on this day a powerful lesson in strength and character, was how Strader viewed his own role in a story whose ending seemed inevitable.


"I said, 'I'm not going to let this define me,'" Strader recalled. "I don't want it to be the all-consuming, everyday worry of everybody around me. And I've always been an optimistic person. I'm a glass-half-full guy anyway, so I said, 'I'm going to portray that and hope that it rubs off on [my family and friends].' And it has."

You can read more of Scott Burnside’s tribute to Dave Strader here.

The Dallas Stars put together a nice tribute video for the broadcasting legend:

Here are just a few of the several of reactions from fans, players, and teams alike on social media: [NHL]

Even commissioner Gary Bettman has nothing but kind words:

While Dave Strader might no longer be with us, Sean Shapiro maintains that Dave didn’t “lose” to his cancer. [Wrong Side of the Red Line]

Other Stars News

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This is likely the last roster move we’ll see from Dallas until final cuts:

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Finally, to end things off on a happy note, I’m going to leave you with this: