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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Seguin Taking on the “A”

Tyler Seguin with his first pro kerfuffle. Plus, the Oilers stink, Selanne and Kariya, and if the All-Star Game disappears, did it ever really happen?

Dallas Stars v New Jersey Devils
He’s got skin in the game. He’s a household name. I’ve got news for you baby you’re looking at the man.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hey friends, it’s a an early Monday morning after an off-day by the Stars yesterday, so there isn’t a ton of new content to riff off.

Stars News

Mr. Magorium’s Razor Emporium:

Here’s a little more from Tyler Seguin himself:

And a little more from the Captain:

Jamie Benn pulled a Babe Ruth (or a Kramer/Paul O’Neill) on Saturday:

Congratulations Hitch!

Let’s hope the boys keep this going:

The League

The Oilers have not gotten off to a strong start:

Classic Honoured Member blazer fitting hijinks:

The Predators are getting used to not being an afterthought. [Sporting News]

Would anyone really miss the All-Star Game if it was gone? [SportsNet]

Bobby Ryan talks about his relationship with his mum:

Need fantasy help? Here are some tips. [SportsNet]

The Golden Knights’ hot start might not last as long as advertised. [Sporting News]