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Dallas Stars Daily Links: There’s Real Hockey This Week!

The preseason is finally over. Plus, fantasy, rumors, and a Golden Knights superfan.

Dallas Stars v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Happy Sunday everyone! Not much in the way of analysis today, just a few notes from last night’s preseason finale:

Not much else to say:

Here’s the recap, if you’re a glutton for mild disappointment/apathy (hard to get too upset about losing a preseason game that had so many impact players sitting).

Put a bow on it:

At least there was something positive in the organization tonight:

Get Your Stars Here

Martin Hanzal knows that preseason games are important and is slightly apprehensive about just getting one in. [NHL]

Dallas Stars v Arizona Coyotes
Hopefully you’ll be doing lots of this for us this year, Martin.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Not that this is an issue from this point forward, but in case you were curious why you couldn’t watch any sweet preseason action:

Surprise, surprise: the goaltending and defense will be really important for the Stars this season. [Pro Hockey Rumors]

Which forward will win the final spot in the lineup? We’ll know soon. [Blackout Dallas]

If you’re a season ticket holder, not only do you get to go to all the home games, you also get to hang out with the Stars at Six Flags. [NHL]

I actually watched this movie semi-recently, it still holds up. Jamie agrees:

Around the League

Down Goes Brown cracks open the Grab Bag, including quite possibly the least hype-ing hype video ever made by an NHL team:

Just in case you haven’t drafted your fantasy team yet, here’s a little cheat sheet of the top 200 players. [Sporting News]

Dave Lozo thinks Jonathan Drouin might take some heat this season in Montreal. [Vice Sports]

A few rumors from around the league, including what is going on with Josh Anderson in Columbus. [The Hockey News]

Puck Daddy, sans Greg Wyshynski, previews the Stars old home, the Pacific Division. [Puck Daddy]

Colorado Avalanche v Vegas Golden Knights
Could the Knights make some noise in the Pacific? Probably not.
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Think this guy will make the trip to Dallas on Friday?