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Good Dog at Dallas Stars Game

What can make a hockey game better?

Look at this adorable Good Dog that was at the Dallas Stars game tonight:

This wonderful service pup joins the Pedigree pup captured taking in a Nashville Predators/Chicago Blackhawks earlier this season to fill out the Good Dogs of the Central Division category of the NHL awards this season.

Now we just need the rest of the Central Division to provide us with their entries. We’d say the service dog attending tonight’s Stars game is in the lead for most adorable (we’re obviously objective here).

Hopefully this Good Dog gives the Stars some luck, as they currently lead the Montreal Canadiens 2-1 at the end of the second period. It’s the first game for the Stars in 2017, and their only game in a six day stretch. A win would sure set the right tone for the Stars this season, especially as they are missing the Captain Jamie Benn due to injury.

Montreal played last night in Nashville. If they can keep the pace, the Stars should be able to take advantage of heavy legs in the last frame and seal up the win.