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GameDay Thread: NHL All-Star Game

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Will Mike Smith try to score from center ice again? Will Tyler Seguin freeze people with a dashing smile? It’s the NHL’s 3-on-3 tournament in Los Angeles.

Honda NHL Four Line Challenge Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The NHL’s All-Star game is all set to roll this afternoon in Los Angeles, and the Dallas Stars only representative will be playing in the first game of the afternoon as the Central Division takes on the Pacific Division in 3-on-3 at 2:30 p.m. central time.

That game will be followed by the Eastern Conference matchup, and the winners will play for all the hockey “glory” (and $1 million to split between the players) in the aftermath. There’s no fun storyline like John Scott’s question to show up the league brass, so console yourself by hoping Tyler Seguin makes it through the silly thing without angering the injury gods that have smote the Stars so far this year.

Or see if Mike Smith either a.) scores a goal or b.) punches someone in the helmet. Odds are pretty much even on either occuring.