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Starsy Two Points: 6 Easy Tweets

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Will Buffalo ever get revenge for 1999? I sure hope not.

Buffalo Sabres v Dallas Stars Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

It was a close game that really shouldn’t have been that close. Through two periods the Stars dominated the game, had superior shots and possession, and lead the pace of the game. Despite this, they ended the first period down one. Thankfully, three goals in the second allowed them to take the lead and then hang on through the third period when they tried their hardest to lose it all.

Let’s tweet about it.

1. Let’s get this out of the way

These numbers check out. In the last seven home games, the Stars have been outscored 14 to 5. They’ve done better on the road, out scoring their opponents 7-5 in the first period. Bolstered, of course, by their three goals in the first period against the Rangers.

2. No one appreciates fine humor anymore

But I’m definitely saving this joke for later.

Patrick Sharp has four hat-tricks on his record, but none as a Dallas Star. He’s gotten to two goals in a game twice in the last five games, which is truly impressive considering he’s been playing mostly with Devin Shore and Lauri Korpikoski. Also considering how much time he’s lost to brain injury this season. I hope his Pat Trick days aren’t behind him already.

3. We’re a work in progress. Or regress.

Listen, the Stars skaters (not goalies) were dominant in the game last night for two whole periods. Yes, we were outscored 2-1 in the first period, but those 2 goals were on 5 shots to our 17. SEVENTEEN. And one of them came on the power play, which we’ve discussed on many occasions is an issue for this team.

But it’s really hard to look at that third period, especially given what’s coming in point number 4 and the fact that the Stars themselves had to know what was going on with their goalies. You’d hope, after keeping the Sabres to 10 shots in two periods, the Stars would keep up that dominant possession to help their goalies out and stay in the game. Instead, they turtled, they played with the puck in their own end, they allowed the Sabres to get 16 shots in while taking 2 themselves, and yet somehow managed to hold on.

Whatever man, I’ll take it. It’s hard to even be concerned about any aspect of this game right now.

4. I hope it’s not the mumps

He doesn’t say what made Kari Lehtonen dehydrated yesterday, but if Antti Niemi is sick it stands to reason the two issues may be related.

It certainly helps explain that lackluster performance at 5v5, which hasn’t been an issue this season for either goalie. Three goals on 11 shots leaves a lot to be desired, but when you’re playing through illness it’s at least forgiveable. Here’s hoping they both rest up over the All Star break.

5. Within a hair

Once again, the Buffalo Sabres are robbed of victory (or at least tying the game) in Dallas, hallelujah.

This was one of three goal reviews that went Dallas’ way last night. The first was an offside call on Jamie Benn’s goal in the second period. After a lengthy review to see whether Maj Gen Patrick Eaves crossed the battle line before the rest of his regiment, it was determined inconclusive because Jason Spezza’s head blocked the camera’s view of Eaves’ foot. Good goal for Dallas.

The second was a four minute review of a possible Sabres goal that would have tied the game with 8 minutes left.

Ultimately, officials were unable to determine when the puck might have crossed the line, making it an inconclusive review, so the call on the ice stood. No goal for Buffalo.

The final review was for the tweet above, with 11 seconds to go in the game. Again, video was inconclusive, as there’s no clear view of the goal line. Call on the ice stands, and it’s another no goal for Buffalo. Half our guys were already in the shower by the time it ended, so that’s probably for the best.

And we partied like it was 1999.

6. I mean, it probably is

Probably? Dominant opening periods to crumble on the last frame. Three goal reviews that all go our way, two of those in the aforementioned last frame. Three goals for the opponent on 11 shots. Victory against our age old foes.

Sprinkles are for winners.