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There Actually Were Positives: 6 Easy Tweets

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It’s just hard to see them sometimes, through our victory green tears.

NHL: Washington Capitals at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to watch a team go up 3-1 in a game they eventually lose in overtime, but that’s what Stars fans did last night. It was a game we should have won, but our inability to stay out of the penalty box sunk us in the end.

Let’s tweet about it.

1. It started with a promotion

And continued with a goal.

This is Patrick Eaves’ 17th goal of the season, putting him in the lead for all Stars skaters. The most he’s scored in a season is 20, so here’s hoping he continues scoring and passes that.

A surviving letter from Maj Gen Eaves to his wife:

My Dearest Annabelle, the news came from command just before we marched to battle: I have been given a field promotion to Major General. I cannot help but wonder if this news reached the correct recipient, as I have skipped several ranks between, but I must continue to serve with honor. Some may be unhappy with my promotion, especially ahead of more deserving fellows, I must tread carefully in my new position. We scored mighty blows tonight, but our best efforts were for naught against the enemy, who stood firm, despite underhanded tactics during battle. Capt. Benn took a blow to his face but was otherwise uninjured. Please send salt peter.

2. Is Tyler Seguin snakebit?

Because it really seems like he might be. His last goal was only four games ago but doesn’t that feel like an eternity? If nothing else, the fact that Patrick Eaves is at 17 goals and Tyler Seguin is only at 16 should tell us something about this wacky season.

His current goals per game average is .34, which isn’t really that bad of a number. But it’s lower than his gpg average has been since he came to Dallas. Now, some of this you can blame on the weird season, the injuries, the line shuffling. But it’s a heck of a season to go on a goal scoring drought.

But he did get his 400th point tonight! Small victories??

3. And honestly, they did do this

Yeah, there’s definitely some bad blood between the Stars and the Capitals and that probably didn’t hurt the performance tonight. But it was certainly a very compete driven game, and I’m not even talking about the fighting or the roughing up.


Despite an incredibly slow start and the Stars losing their will to live at the end, they really did stay in the rest of the game. The percentage numbers for 5v5 possession are almost exactly even. Without the two power play goals they really could have won this game. My suggestion to the Stars in the future is to decline all man advantage opportunities.

4. Sunk by special teams

It is though. The Stars have all the fire power in the world on their power play, so why is it so hard for them to pull the trigger? Part of it is their loosey goosey style of play, part of it is their defense, part of it is clearly some dark magic.

Whatever it is, they just haven’t been awesome this season. Dallas is 15th in shots for on the man advantage, which is firmly middle of the pack, but 3rd in shots against. And, as previously discussed, they’re still dead last in the NHL for goals allowed while on the power play. Even considering injuries, the special teams are inexcusably bad.

5. Commentary by punctuation

I’m still not sure exactly why Cody Eakin is on the top line either, since (other than tonight) he hasn’t precisely been playing like a top line center, but man. This went well. TJ Oshie, Nick Backstrom, and Alexander Ovechkin were the worst possession line for the Capitals at 5v5.

Unfortunately, they got back at Dallas on the power play. So. You win some, you lose some.

6. Wasn’t it just?

If you can think of a Starsier way to lose a game, I’m all ears. It’d be comical at this point if it wasn’t so painful.