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#HighEventHockey: 6 Easy Tweets

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The Stars were scored on six times and still won the game, yay?

NHL: Dallas Stars at New York Rangers Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

What’s that they say about hockey, no lead is safe? Or do they just say that about Stars hockey? Because honestly, this is accurate.

In a game that saw all four goalies get some ice time for allowing stinkers to slide past, the Stars hung on to their one goal lead by the skin of their teeth, collecting an important two points in the back half of the season.

And hey, here’s some tweets.

1. Literally the only way we’ll survive this season

This can be both good and bad, obviously. No one expected a demoralizing 1-4 loss to Buffalo on Monday afternoon, where the Stars played as badly as those that were able to watch the afternoon game had seen all season. Which means that literally no one (probably) would have predicted a 7-6 win.

Side note: if the loss to Minnesota on Saturday night can be called a moral victory, can the win against the New York Rangers last night be called a moral loss? Considering, of course, that despite the Penguins and the Stars doing this in the same week, it’s highly unlikely that a team gives up 6 goals in a game and still goes on to win.

2. Rated H for Helmet Violence

Rangers players have not forgotten the meeting back in December when Cody Eakin took a charging penalty against Henrik Lundqvist behind the net, resulting in a 5 game suspension for Eakin but thankfully, no apparent injury to Lundqvist. Chris Kreider was asked about the hit on Monday:

“What hit?” Kreider said Monday after practice in Greenburgh, with a smirk. “No, I mean, that’s not something you forget about, obviously. I’m sure someone will have a conversation with (Eakin) about it at some point.” (NY Daily News)

Clearly still on the top of their minds.

Think what you will about Cody Eakins’ hit on Lundqvist, and our own Erin Bolen made a good case for it being dangerous but probably unintentional, but hitting a guy with his own helmet? Not warranted in any situation.

And, in fact, should have resulted in a match penalty if any of the four officials watching the fight had actually been doing their jobs. From the NHL rule book:

53.5 Match Penalty – If a player attempts to or deliberately injures an opponent by throwing a stick or any other object or piece of equipment at an opposing player, Coach or non-playing club person, he shall be assessed a match penalty. If injury results from the thrown object, a match penalty must be assessed for deliberate injury of an opponent.

So far this morning, there have been a number of tweets to NHL Player Safety’s official twitter account asking about a suspension coming from the fight, but no official word if the office is actually looking at the play.

So basically, we’ll see.

3. From the files of Maj Patrick Eaves

Who now has his own twitter account.

If you weren’t able to watch the game last night, the scoring went like this: Rangers, Stars Stars Stars Stars, Rangers Rangers, Stars Stars Stars, Rangers Rangers Rangers. Which means, when Cody Eakin scored what became the game winner (and completed his Gordie Howe hat trick) in the second period, the score was 7-3.

That’s really neither here nor there, because the important part is that Patrick Eaves scored again, on the power play, which was notable for a few reasons.

He had this to say in a letter to his wife:

Dearest Annabelle, I do not wish to make plain to you the harsh realities of war. I would rather think of you in peaceful past times: singing hymns to the girls as they fall asleep, taking a leisurely stroll through the manor gardens, crouched over the needlework as you sit by the fire. But oh Annabelle, so many were felled in battle last night that the warm place in my heart where I have encased you, safe from the vagaries of war, has split, leaking its harshness onto your gentle nature. We were victorious, but at the cost of many. I am weary but I cannot sleep, rereading your letters by the light of the stub of a candle left by my tent mate, who has finally found his own rest. Be easy, my Annabelle, I yet survive to fight again.

4. That’s really pretty true of a lot of teams

Find me a team in the NHL that can’t come back against the Dallas Stars and you’ll probably have found this seasons’ iteration of the Colorado Avalanche, which is only true this season because they’re actually having a worse year than we are.

Otherwise, what team can’t come back against our leaky defense and our often ineffective offense? If you’ve watched any Stars game this season (unless it was one of our 6-2 blow outs), you know that no lead in a Stars game is safe.

5. And now for unfortunate news

Still no word on what may have happened to Johnny Oduya or why he played only 8 minutes last night, but his last shift was midway through the second. Add him to the sad list from this season if he actually misses any additional games.

6. Really though

If someone were to write a textbook on how to play hockey games that feel as intense as the scariest roller coaster at Six Flags, it would be the Dallas Stars. I hesitate to use the word fun, because I’m emotionally invested in their success, but think about the outside perspective of someone like Dmitri Filopovic, whose tweet is quoted above. Pretty fun when you’re an outsider, because literally anything can happen.