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2016 NHL Draft Day 2 Open Thread

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Two fifth-round picks? Jamie Benn and John Klingberg say hey.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Day 2 of the NHL Draft always has the potential to be exciting for Dallas Stars fans. As the 2016 draft enters Saturday action, here's the place to discuss the newest guys in Victory Green.

As of this writing, Dallas has picks at these positions:

  • Third Round: No. 90
  • Fourth Round: No. 116
  • Fifth Round: No. 128
  • Fifth Round: No. 146
  • Sixth Round: No. 176

Things can change in an instant, though, and we'll update this post in the event of major moves.

We'll post discussion of the picks as the day goes on. You can visit Dallas Stars Draft Central to keep up with the latest official information. Enjoy.