Jamie Benn a Finalist for EA Sports' NHL 17 Cover Vote


Because everything this summer is going to be tied to the hype machine that is the World Cup of Hockey, the fine folks at EA Sports have also landed on that concept for their annual cover vote.

Jamie Benn is representative for Team Canada (though Connor McDavid also makes an appearance as the representative of the strange and mysterious under-23 team). Voting is taking place on Twitter, where EA Sports will track the hashtags to decide the winner. Fans can vote for Benn by using #NHL17Benn with their Tweets.

There are no limits to how many times someone can vote, and votes on Thursday count double because reasons. The first round of voting ends on May 2.

Benn is up against Aleksander Barkov of the Florida Panthers in the first round. Fans who do not have a Twitter account can vote via this page from the NHL.