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At Least McKenzie’s On a Streak: 6 Easy Tweets

However, the Stars lost again.

NHL: Calgary Flames at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It’s December, Stars fans, and our team has yet to put together a winning streak longer than two games. I’m not sure when your “break glass for panic” moment is, but mine might be approaching faster than I’d like.

1. Well, as we all know at this point

They have no trouble stringing together a losing streak, but as previously stated, longest win streak the Stars have been on this season is two, which can hardly be called a streak. Those games were November 10 and 11, a back-to-back in Calgary and Edmonton.

Call me the hot take police, but uh, the Stars are gonna need to start stringing some wins together.

2. If there’s one bright spot

Spoilers, that game did not have bright spots. But Curtis McKenzie’s goal last night was certainly a less dark spot, let’s say. It’s his second in as many games.

3. There’s a lot that’s wrong here

This is another one I’m really hesitant to pin solely as Kari Lehtonen’s fault. The decision making here on the part of a couple of his victory green brethren leaves a lot to be desired.


Glen Gulutzan, head coach of the Calgary Flames, lost track of how many times we allowed his team to get breakaways.

4. Valid question

The answer here may be shot quality. Graphs at have the high danger scoring chances 14-10 Calgary at even strength and 4-2 Calgary on special teams. Reminder, high danger scoring chances are shots taken below the dots in front of the net. You can find an exact drawing of where on our Stats for Art Majors post.

While (obviously) a high danger scoring chance doesn’t guarantee a goal, a higher percentage of those shots result in goals. Being outdone in this category isn’t unfamiliar territory for the Stars and is sometimes a result of our defensive system. When the Stars struggle a lot when they run up against a hot goalie.

5. Another one bites the dust

Julius Honka didn’t play in the last seven minutes of the second period and wasn’t on the bench for the third. Post game he was spotted in the locker room wearing a cast, but apparently that’s just for hitting his teammates with, as Ruff reports the injury isn’t that serious.

6. I can’t say this DIDN’T happen

Honestly at this point I’m really reluctant to rule anything out.