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Dearest Annabelle and Other Good News: 6 Easy Tweets

The Stars played a game in Colorado last night that they actually won, how cool is that?

Dallas Stars v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

This road game hasn’t been the most successful for the Stars, to say the least. Four road trip games, three losses, though one was in overtime. But, the Stars pulled out a win in a big way last night against rivals they don’t win against terribly often, especially in Denver. In the last ten trips to Colorado, this is the second time the Stars have actually won. So let’s hope this is a big momentum swing for the Stars/Avalanche rivalry, and for the season as a whole.

1. That Patrick Sharp news though

Patrick Sharp is only recently returned from being on IR with concussion symptoms, and being placed on it again makes me wonder if he’d actually fully recovered from the last round of concussion symptoms.

The Stars need him in the lineup, so I hope he recovers quickly.

2. Ban the drop pass

It does not look like sitting in the press box reset John Klingberg’s drop pass problem. Not sure who he thought he was passing to here. But it isn’t just him. The entire Stars roster has a drop pass problem that I’d love to see all of them kick.

I understand the impulse. When it actually works, it’s a beauty. So are most things. The problem is it doesn’t actually work all that often, and too often gets picked off by defending players the passer never saw. Maybe it’s a communication problem on the ice, maybe it’s just spatial awareness, but good executions of the drop pass are few and far between.

3. This is definitely an issue

This and point 4 are very closely tied. What I’m going to talk about here though is that though they do keep scoring goals, they also allow goals against, enough that keeping a lead or having a multi goal lead has been this much of an issue. Some of that is our league-average and not savior-status goaltending, but a lot of it is the defense we’re currently rolling with. It’s a group still trying to find itself and work with the system we’ve got. Since this is already December though, I’m hoping they figure it out relatively quickly.

4. This is such good progress

The fact that they didn’t turtle with a lead is so huge, you guys. HUGE. The Stars got up to a multi goal lead and then . . . kept playing. They lead the shots on goal, they lead possession, they lead quality scoring chances, the only thing they didn’t lead is face off wins and blocks, but I’m actually all right with that. The Stars aren’t the only team with a problem of turtling, but man, it does not suit the Stars defensive style to turtle.

5. Dearest Annabelle

I’m so pleased this exists. And oh hey, I found a postscript:

PS. Dearest Annabelle, you would have been so proud of our men tonight. Maj Lehtonen especially. He has stepped aside recently in favor of his fellow officer, Maj Niemi, but stood tall and proud tonight against enemy fire. He was a fiery brand in the darkness and the ice, a shining beacon for us all to follow. And I did no less than my best as well, and though it was undefended, scored quite the hit for our men.

Maj Eaves is not in the top ten in scoring in the NHL anymore, unfortunately, but maybe one of our other top scorers will start, you know, scoring.

6. Well

Happy birthday, Honka!