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We’re Going Streaking: 6 Easy Tweets

Four Stars goals, three Stars wins, two Seguin donuts, and a partridge in a pear tree.

NHL: Colorado Avalanche at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Stars win their third in a row for the first time this season and go on a bonafide actual streak. It’s a Christmas miracle.

1. Well, this continues to be an issue

So let’s get the negative nelly tweet out of the way first. Don’t look now, but we still can’t score on the man advantage. On the six man advantage opportunities the Stars had tonight, they scored on a whopping zero of them. Now, the Avalanche didn’t score on their four opportunities either, but I think we can all agree we’re a better team than the Avalanche and should probably be scoring on at least some of them.

So what seems to be the issue?

This is actually very true. The Stars play high event, scrambly hockey games. They thrive in chaos. The structure of a power play system stifles their creativity and speed, and has never played to their strengths.

Still, not even one? Out of SIX?

2. Don’t call this an accident

The tweet calls this careless, but it’s more than that. Because here’s the thing: yes, Kari Lehtonen did change position after Jarome Iginla turned around. But he’s still in his crease, and the onus is entirely on Iginla to be aware of his surroundings and not bowl the goaltender over. Lehtonen left the game after this and did not return.

Lindy Ruff updated media afterwards and said that he was pulled for concussion protocols and is fine, but that’s still a reckless, dangerous play.

3. Tim Peel called it a crosscheck, who am I to disagree

A surviving letter from the files of Maj Eaves to his wife, Annabelle, on the evening of his 700th point against the enemy:

Dearest Annabelle, please do not speak of this to the children, but tonight I spent time in the stocks for a crime I could not have committed. Or had I done so, it was grave error on my part. Still, you would be proud of the men. Despite my deficit, they stood firm. I received word from the general that I am to be honored, I have struck significant blows to the enemy. I fight in your honor, for our children’s futures.

Note: Seguin has taken over as goal leader, as is rightfully his place, but Eaves still leads in goals on home ice, if you’d like to split hairs.

4. That’s what I call demoralized

You know, you’d expect a different thing to have happened here. Only one goal down, you’d expect the Avalanche to try HARDER to score, not only get four shot attempts in the last twelve minutes of the game. That includes, by the way, the almost two minutes they had their goalie pulled, which is also incidentally where Tyler Seguin got his second of the night.

Anyway, score effect would normally trend the opposite direction, with the Avalanche pressing harder to score. But, y’all, the Avalanche are just not great this season.

5. #BestOleksiak

Nothing more entertaining than a Canadian gold medalist and Lou Marsh award winner showing support to one of our players. Even more fun when it’s Jamie Oleksiak’s little sister, Penny.

And no, Penny, his other sweet goal wasn’t a one time thing. He’s actually the top defensive scorer at this time.

Maybe we should give him a shot at forward?

6. Don’t look now but

We’ve still got Florida on the 31st. If we win, we go out with a bang no matter what. I was going to do an “if we lose” scenario but you know what? Nah. I’m gonna think positive.