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Dearth of Offense Continues for Dallas Stars in 3-2 Loss to Blues

The Stars’ top-end talent continues to struggle as season slips away.

NHL: St. Louis Blues at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars cannot score enough goals to win NHL hockey games.

Outside their sudden five-goal spasm against the Anaheim Ducks last week the Stars had scored six non-empty-net goals in their last 14 periods entering play tonight. Two more goals tonight make it 8 in their last 17 periods excluding the freak occurrence against the Ducks.

Eight goals. In 17 periods.

They needed a power play that was longer than two minutes to get one of the scant two this evening. The Dallas Stars cannot score goals. So they cannot win hockey games. For all the talk about the two-goalie system. For all the talk tonight about who did what during the three-on-three session, it's as simple as that.

21 losses and 13 wins on the season now. Overtime or no overtime. Fans go to bed happy or they go to bed upset. A binary calculation into which "loser" points do not enter. 21 times already. Nearly two-thirds of the season. 1-7 in overtime. 1-8-4 after the very occasional success.

The woes go on and on, sadly.

They need not have tonight. Tonight, in a vacuum, you could say the Stars were not particularly lucky. The first St. Louis Blues goal could have bounced off of Oduya's leg and gone literally anywhere. It somehow found an unwitting Scwartz for a rebound on which you, dear reader, could have scored.

A couple of crossbars later plus a Jamie Benn attempt in which he just missed his spot- The spot that was wide open for him, Allen did not react- And it was clear that the breaks just weren't going the Stars' way.

They earned them though. They earned every darned one of them. A 23-9 shot advantage through nearly half of the game demonstrated that with relative ease- But the better team (the much better team in this case) doesn't always win in this game.

Dallas dominated the Blues to the tune of a 73-49 shot attempt advantage that matched every eyeball test every little bit. They were better. They were in control. They had a tired team on the ropes all night long.

The Blues goals' were a product of a fluky bounce and a one-off once-in-a-lifetime backhand that Berglund, great player, might not be able to reproduce if given the chance. They were not the results of sustained excellence in puck possession and pressure. They were not earned through superior matchup considerations, puck battle wins or forecheck schema. They were unlucky for the Stars. Scoring only twice makes for susceptibility.

The Stars were not lucky enough tonight. It's one of 82, they say. Except it's about 34 of 82 now, and the hour is getting late. Whether it's nights like tonight where they deserved to win, or most other nights when they don't appear to, the bottom line is the same- The Stars can't score goals. Even on nights like tonight. They played really, really well tonight.

If you can't score goals, you can't win hockey games. Dead horse beating: Five minutes for $5.00 or fifteen for just $10.00. Get your tickets.

On paper things looked good. Stephen Johns and Dan Hamhuis in particular saw 50 (50!) shot attempts in Dallas' favor at 5-on-5 when they were on the ice to just 10 against. That's incredible. John Klingberg, however, had a team worst -3 ratio joined by Lindell's -2.

The Stars drop to 2-2 on this homestand with an option to close it out with what becomes a "rubber game" on Friday after a couple of days of practice. The Los Angeles Kings will visit fresh off a contest in Nashville Thursday. And Dallas will try again to take a win from a team that played the night before- Didn't work out tonight.

^^ The difference. Or at least part of it.