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That Went Well: 6 Easy Tweets

Don’t look at the fancy stats for a while, just enjoy the win.

NHL: Anaheim Ducks at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to make you look at the fancy stats in the first tweet, so either skip that one or prepare yourselves now. I like winning, I like winning a lot, but I’d like to keep winning, so examining the ways in which maybe we could have NOT won this game are also probably a worthwhile pursuit.

1. I mean, this was early

But it’s also not like the Stars every fully gained control of this game in the shots or possession department, despite the score. They fully gained control of the score. But you know the feeling you get when you’re watching the Stars play scrambly, desperate hockey in the final five minutes of a game, even when they’re up 4? There’s a reason for that feeling.

Despite outscoring the Ducks, we were out-shot and out-possessed by them for the entire night, save a brief, brief period right at the very beginning.

This doesn’t really count, y’all. (Thanks to @MannyElk for all the work he does with!)

2. It’s actually kind of genius

But you won’t hear me say it about the Ducks.

Seriously though, it’s a pretty good way to attempt to get one of the three players defending dislodged from their zone in front of the net. Someone, at some point, is going to bite on all that behind the net passing.

3. Did I bring this in just so I could write a letter? Maybe.

A surviving note from Maj Patrick Eaves to his wife, Annabelle:

Dearest Annabelle,

We shall be home a few days, I leave this letter under your pillow that you may find it when I am again away. Though the fighting carried to our very doorstep, we remained vigilant and true. The cannon fire continued long through the night, I could give no thought to rest or weariness, and neither did the men. Despite heavy fire from the opposition, no grave injury was sustained, and we emerged from the battlefield victorious.

And with that goal, Patrick Eaves is again on top of the Stars goal leader board.

4. I mean, if there was ever a time

I’m pretty sure I said this literally last game recap, but the fact that we haven’t been as heavily offensive as we’ve been in seasons past has certainly been hurting the Stars. Especially since we’re finally getting the goaltending we’ve been dying for.

Despite the fact that the Stars were largely outplayed by the Ducks, they sure seemed to catch both the goaltender and the defense flat footed (see what I did there? They’re DUCKS.).

5. Thanks for these fancy stats

Except when it counts, eh playoffs of 2014? (How dare I, I know.) Still, if I could bottle up what the Stars feel when playing the Ducks at home and inject it into them for every game of the rest of the season, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

6. Let us bask

I had to. I couldn’t resist. Devin Shore celebrating like a little green turtle stuck on his back is just the best.

It was ultimately Cracknell’s goal, as a review of the goal for a high sticking revealed that it actually went in off Corey Perry’s stick. Which, to be quite honest, makes Perry’s body language in this picture just the best.

Bask in the glory, folks.