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The Stars Ask “Wha Happened?”: 6 Easy Tweets

The Stars lost the game but they also lost Jason Spezza and his call up replacement will be playing 3-in-3. Who’s ready for some tweets?

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at Dallas Stars Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I wish my time doing six easy tweets didn’t have to start like this, but here find ourselves again, at the back end of another loss that also lost us one of our top six forwards. I’m thinking of giving the Stars locker room some bubble wrap for Christmas, who wants to pitch in?

1. I guess it could have been worse.

It’s not secret the Stars have gotten off to the slowest start since Jamie Benn took over as captain (incidentally also Tyler Seguin’s first season with the Stars). Through four wins and seven losses, tonight marks only the second time the Stars have gone into the first intermission with a lead. It was more successful the first time, which was a 3-2 win over Winnipeg.

Incidentally, they were only down for two other first intermissions, the rest of them have been ties. I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but it is what it is.

2. The early whistle gets the worm.

I too would like an explanation of this one. I don’t know if anyone wants to relive this, but let’s go to the videotape:

Even the Blackhawks announcers are puzzled by this one. In a game where a referee has the option to wave off a goal if he had the intent to blow the whistle before it crossed the line, a goal that clearly happened after the whistle was blown was allowed to stand. It’s clear on the video that Niemi never had it, but that shouldn’t matter if the whistle was already blown.

3. There’s that depth scoring.

Our two goals came from Brett Ritchie and Curtis McKenzie. McKenzie’s goal also gave Gemel Smith his first NHL point. Through all the injuries we’ve faced with the big club, the Stars have had to rely very heavily on their young call ups fill out their bottom six. And these kids actually are all right.

4. I didn’t want to talk about it, but we have to.

And speaking of injuries, the Stars have lost Jason Spezza for what Lindy Ruff described after the game as “a time.” Educated guesses have Spezza missing the coming road trip, as Ruff has said they will be calling up a forward from the Texas Stars. Just add him to the list, y’all. The Texas Stars just played a back-to-back in California, so whoever it is (money says Justin Dowling), they’ll be playing a 3-in-3 in Chicago tonight.

I’m just glad they aren’t going to have to roll the top line they rolled in practice today:

(This is just a bonus tweet.)

5. I’m with Ruffles.

I don’t want to say that reffing wins or loses games, because I do believe that reffing regresses to a mean and it all comes out in the wash. However, the refs certainly did not help us tonight, and Ruff knew it. And here you can clearly see him saying he cordially disagrees with the ref’s decision, as one does.

6. And finally.

Wha happened?

There’s not really one thing to point to tonight. The Stars had a great first period, despite that early goal. But they were flat after that, and decisions made by the referees didn’t hand them any golden opportunities until the last minutes of the game. Losing Jason Spezza is a blow in a long list of blows we’ve felt so far this season.

Can we stop falling far enough to pull ourselves out when we start getting some of these injured players back? I guess we’ll see. Remind yourselves that it’s only November, and last year’s Stanley Cup winners were in much the same position right about now. Does that help?