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Dallas Is a Team of Givers: 6 Easy Tweets

They certainly like to help Connor McDavid out.

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Dallas Stars Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

You watched. You’ve probably read the recaps already posted on this site. Now take a look at some tweets, if you’d like to continue to relive our complete roasting by the Oilers.

1. At least the team got prettier

We may not have won but at least we got an important piece back in having the league’s handsomest team last night. And that’s something to be proud of, no?

Patrick Sharp has been out of the line up with concussion symptoms since taking a check in the second period of the October 20 game against the LA Kings.

His return also brings the Stars one crucial step closer to being the team we all predicted they’d be at the beginning of the season. Obviously, this game was one we’d all rather forget (especially our defense), but hopefully? He’s also the second-to-last player on the injured list to potentially be activated before the end of the regular season. Jiri Hudler, the last player with any potential to come back, is still out with a mysterious illness.

2. Stop me if you’ve heard this before

I’m 1000% sure that I’ve talked about this before, but how can this team be so bad at defending against odd man rushes? Not just once they’ve started, but stopping them from happening in the first place?

I have to assume this is something they’ve been working on in practice, I just hope it starts translating to the ice soon.

3. I wish I could throw all the blame on the easy narrative, but I can’t

Look, those were not the goalie’s fault.

Connor McDavid’s first goal was actually scored by John Klingberg. Tyler Pitlick’s goal was scored off a 2-on-1 rush when a pinch from Patrik Nemeth went catastrophically wrong. Oscar Klefbom’s goal was actually scored by Patrik Nemeth, who just did not cover himself in glory last night. Connor McDavid’s second goal was assisted by Dan Hamhuis knocking his own goalie over in the crease, leaving the net undefended against what people tell me is the greatest offensive player of his generation.

And if you want to talk about, Connor McDavid’s third goal of the night was scored because Stephen Johns didn’t seem to remember what he was doing on the ice.

It was a really bad night for our defense.

4. Dear Annabelle, we are bloody but not unbowed

From the letters of Maj. Patrick Eaves to his wife:

Dearest Annabelle, they have broken our lines and left many wounded. There were times I despaired that I would be able to write this letter at all. Maj. Lehtonen was struck down by a careless blow from his own regiment, but after a visit with him in the medic’s tent this morning, I am assured he will make a full recovery. It pains me to be out done by a force so inferior to our own, Annabelle. I take comfort in my memories of your face, and in your loving support.

Patrick Eaves is just on a five game goal streak, tenth in the NHL right now for goals scored. No big deal. This is truly the weirdest season.

5. Only 19 but his mind is older

As if you needed a special reminder, Connor McDavid’s first goal was scored in Dallas, so at least we’ll be seeing Dallas jerseys on highlight reels for years to come.


6. Or the self care method of your choice

Look, when the thing you do for fun (watch hockey) becomes this stressful, it’s important to remember to take care of yourselves. Nice warm bubble baths, your favorite dessert, a nice cuddle on the couch with your cat/dog/hamster.

Watch out for yourselves, friends, because it’s clear the Dallas Stars don’t have the ability to this season.