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That Could Have Gone Better: 6 Easy Tweets

The Stars couldn’t improve their two game win streak to three. Let’s tweet about that.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Vancouver Canucks Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

A team that can’t seem to score this season played a game against a team that can’t seem to stop the other team from scoring. Which one came out on top?

Six guesses, and the first five don’t count.

1. At least something good came of this game.

I know I talked about Lauri Korpikoski just last game, but here we are again, with another goal and therefore an actual legitimate streak going. And those three goals? Were on his only three shots in the last three games. That’s right, his shooting percentage over three games is 100%. How’s that for efficiency?

2. Who needs feet though

Apparently Patrick Eaves is still nursing that injured foot from blocking a shot on October 24 and it’s kept him from practicing with the team. Probably due to the fact that Dallas is without so many players in the early going, he has continued to actually play during games, and the injured foot hasn’t seemed to slow him down much in scoring.

In fact, that second line of Antoine Roussel, Tyler Seguin, and Patrick Eaves has been the most effective scoring and positive possession line for the Stars, at least over the last two games. In the three games they’ve been together, they’ve combined for four goals.

3. Let’s talk about score effects

You get three for the price of one here so we can watch the Stars’ stats drop slowly over this game. They lead by 2-1 after the first, and 3-1 after the second, which is also the last time they lead in any stat except blocked shots. And if you’ll remember, leading in blocked shots means that the Stars don’t have the puck.

The Canucks also out-possessed Dallas by quite a bit. Just like last game, there were only five Stars players who were above 50% Corsi For at 5v5 play.

Chart from

And if you’ll notice, that leap in possession for the Canucks happened in the third period, when they were playing to win and the Stars were playing to survive till the end of the game.

4. Sir not appearing in the next game

Listen, I hate to pick on a player when he’s down, but Jamie Oleksiak did not have himself a good game, and the turnover in the third was, as the tweet says, a microcosm of what frustrates many (including, one would guess, Lindy Ruff) about Oleksiak as a player. He’s got size, he’s got reach, and sometimes he uses that reach to pound people in the face, but his decision making skills on the ice leave a lot to be desired.

It didn’t help that instead of covering a zone, Oleksiak chased the puck into an area Jordie Benn was already defending, leaving Loui Eriksson plenty of room to score.

5. Let’s talk about goaltending

I don’t want to, but we gotta. Lehtonen let in five goals tonight. Not counting one that got deflected off of Johnny Oduya’s stick, that’s four. And 50% of those goals? Went five hole.

It’s a dead horse that we’ve been beating into the ground for a while now, but the goaltending in Dallas has got to get better. That’s all I’ve got about that.

Be better, Stars.

6. And finally

The Stars end up with 6 out of a possible 10 points on this road trip, heading back for a four game homestand in Dallas. Could be better, but it could be worse, and it’s a good total to build on.