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Well That Felt Good - 6 Easy Tweets

Johnny Gaudreau may have scored two, but Dallas scored more.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

That was the decisive victory we needed, eh? A game that not only snapped a three game losing streak for the Stars, but also a nine game score-less streak for the captain. Dallas was out-shot and out-possessed but Victor E. Green as my witness, they were not out-scored.

1. Ruffle Shuffle.

If you’d like a microcosm of what coaching a team as riddled with injuries as Dallas is, this is it. And this is in just 14 games. Lot of injuries, lot of experimentation. And, as noted by Mark Stepneski, this is just what’s reported prior to the start of a game, this doesn’t include in-game shuffling.

This is less surprising (and therefore less worrying) with the forwards, as the Stars are missing six of the top nine that were expected coming into the season. More worrying is the fact that Lindy Ruff hasn’t been able to settle on a D-partner for John Klingberg, and that John Klingberg seems so off his defensive game.

2. This doesn’t feel that different actually.

I’ve done research on this, the Stars defy expectation a lot. And if there’s one thing they seem to love to do, it’s come from behind. Thankfully, last night that just meant from behind the possession and shots on goal game, and not the score. But if you feel like the Stars play better with a chip on their shoulder, it’s because they do.

3. Is Jamie Jamie’s secret weapon

I’m not gonna say he is, but I’m not gonna say he’s not.

Scoring droughts happen to everyone. The fact that one of Dallas’ leading scorers goes on one at the beginning of the season and the team also goes on a losing skid and like half the forwards are out is super unfortunate, but you know. Also happens.

Is there some connection to Jamie Benn scoring two while Jamie Oleksiak is on the roster? Probably not, since Oleksiak wasn’t even on the ice when he scored. Do I kinda want to keep Oleksiak on the roster just in case? You bet I do.

4. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry

Lindy Ruff benched Stephen Johns for most of the second period after his turnover led directly to the first of Johnny Gaudreau’s two goals. About the benching, Ruff said, “He just needed a little time to refocus. He’s a young defenseman, and he can get rattled, and he was.”

There’s a storyline that sometimes gets played out that Ruff doesn’t like young players, and doesn’t know how to coach them. I don’t think that’s true, and I think the way he handled Johns in this game is evidence of it.

5. You go, we go.

It’s true. Jamie Benn stayed top line left wing for this game while Tyler Seguin centered the second line. It makes sense, as much as it pains me to separate the wonder twins. Spreading out the scoring talent gives every line an opportunity to score.

Thankfully, they’re still on the same power play unit, which gave us one of the prettiest team goals we’ve seen in a while. This just makes my heart happy.

6. I did not live until today

I don’t actually have anything to say about this tweet, I just wanted to highlight its brilliance.

Bask in the glory folks, we’ve got Connor McDavid and the Oilers tonight.