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SB Nation’s NHL Preview Has Dallas Stars Squarely In Playoff Position

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Outside of one yahoo, the Stars have been picked to finish in the top 3 teams in the Central division.

The SB Nation NHL preview is out, and it’s full of goodies for you to consume as we await the kickoff of the season next week.

As most previews do, the strengths and weaknesses of each team is examined, including additions and subtractions experienced in the offseason. The SB Nation panel then made their picks for who will win each major trophy by the end of the season.

Then the panel picked how they felt each division in the NHL would shake out at the end of the season. Here’s some highlights of the other divisions, excluding the Dallas Stars division:

*In the Atlantic Division, most of the panel felt that it would be a battle of the Florida teams duking it out for the top spot. Canada will be bringing up the caboose.

*In the Metropolitan, most seem to think the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals will lead the way, with Columbus nearly unanimous in their last placeness.

*The Pacific Division will likely send just three teams to the playoffs again, with many people picking the three California teams to be the three entrants. Canada again is competing for last place.

Here’s where they see the Central Division and the Dallas Stars to finish:

We’re left with just one question: why is the self-proclaimed Stars fan picking them to finish 4th in the Central Division?