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Dallas Stars Host St. Louis Blues: Jamie Benn and Ales Hemsky To Debut

Defending Art Ross Champion Jamie Benn and Ales Hemsky skate tonight for the Dallas Stars in their preseason debuts.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

So, we still don't have video.

And, that's a bad thing.

But, we do have each other. So at least there's that.

Both the St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars are expected to ice almost complete NHL lineups tonight when they take the ice at 7:30 PM at the American Airlines Center.

Jamie Benn and Ales Hemsky are expected to make their preseason debuts for the Stars. Benn says he is good to go. We all know how critical he is to this thing turning out the way we all hope it will. Here's hoping he is 100% and gets the kinks worked out before the real games start on October 8th.

There will be many tweets about tonight's game. This is where you can find them from the Stars perspective:

When the audio feed goes live we'll drop it in here too. Until then, sit tight and wait for the listening party to begin.