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Dallas Stars Open Preseason Against Florida Panthers

We inch ever closer to real hockey. Preseason game one of eight is upon us.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There is no known stream of this game just yet.

It is not televised.

It is not on the radio.

But, hey, it is happening I've been told. If a **legal** stream becomes available we will absolutely let you know.

With or without a stream though we will all be following along on Twitter, and you can come join us to discuss Twitter. Or hockey. Or hockey that we think is happening because Twitter says so. I don't know. Come talk to us about hockey.

We had the lines here earlier. God only knows what the lines will look like by the end of the game, but I find it interesting that the Stars are essentially icing a veteran defense corps in game one of the preseason with two rookie goalies behind them. It's very "Guys, show us what you can do" of Lindy to roll with that.

When it's over stick around for the riveting recap. It will be fun because this is hockey, and hockey is fun.

A feed!