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Dallas Stars Tyler Seguin Victim of First Prank of the Season

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Tyler Seguin knew his ESPN Body magazine photo shoot would come back to haunt him.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of things that can bring a locker room together. Dinners, plane/bus rides, win rituals (like the awarding of the Cowboy hat after wins to the best player of the game). NHL players spend a lot of time together between practices, training, games and traveling.

That gives plenty of times for practical jokes, where every insecurity or action can be played upon to get a laugh out of the entire locker room. Tyler Seguin was the victim of the first prank of the season today, as the Dallas Stars get training camp underway.

If you had "first day of camp" in the Tyler Seguin ducky pool, you can pick your winnings of 15 internet points up here.

But now to the more important question: who left the ducky in Seguin's stall? I'm going with Jamie Benn. The other half of the bromance wouldn't pass up on the chance to poke some fun at Seguin's expense. And something tells me the captain isn't as serious as his interviews make him come across as.

Vote now: who put the ducky in Seguin's stall?