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Patrick Sharp Trade: Rate The Move

The dust is starting to settle. How would you initially rate the trade?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Dallas Stars landed Patrick Sharp and Stephen Johns from the Chicago Blackhawks last night in a move not many saw coming. Trevor Daley and Ryan Garbutt are now taking up residence in the Windy City.

We will have a lot about this trade over the coming days and weeks. Our stances on the trade will be made perfectly clear. I have a good idea what the community thinks about the trade already given the initial reaction, but here's a poll. What is your opinion about the trade?

There is no more specific criteria than this. Just give the trade a letter grade based on your opinion of how you like the trade. That includes value, if it fits needs, and any emotion you have about trading the longest tenured member of the team. However you define your feelings about the trade is fine. Just give the letter grade that reflects your stance.