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2014-2015 Dallas Stars Season In Review: Goal of the Month - October

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October was a bad month for the Dallas Stars record-wise, but there were some snazzy goals scored in that stretch too. Which was the best?

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

In the offseason, I like to look back at the year and have you all relive some of the glorious moments. Whether that is goals, hip checks, pucks getting caught in visors and making you look like a pirate -- there are good moments in a season that many felt disappointed in due to the lack of playoffs.

To get to a "goal of the year" I decided to break it down by month. There were a LOT of goals scored by the Dallas Stars. 257 total to be exact, good for second overall in the league. That's a lot of goals to try to pick the best 5-10 out of. Instead, we're going to look at the best of the best of each month in the season, vote on the month's best goal, and at the end of the series the winners of each month will be brought together for this year's "Goals of the Year" and we'll pick the best one.

Without further ado, I present to you the best of October for your Dallas Stars.

Trevor Daley puts one in baseball style versus Corey Crawford and the Chicago Blackhawks to open the 2014-2015 scoring (October 10, 2014)

Jamie Benn makes the entire Columbus Blue Jackets watch his puck-handling skills around all six men on ice (October 14, 2014)

Tyler Seguin scores one on a deflection en-route to his first hat-trick of the season (October 14, 2014)

Tyler Seguin scores one with a few seconds left against the Pittsburgh Penguins after tying it up late (October 16, 2015)

Seguin to Benn, he shots he scores! (vs Philadelphia Flyers October 18, 2014)

Patrick Eaves with a seeing-eye shot (vs New Jersey Devils October 24, 2014)

What a dish by Jason Spezza to Seguin (vs New York Islanders October 25, 2014)

Jamie Oleksiak's first goal at the NHL level and OMG THOSE DROP PASSES WORKED (vs St Louis Blues October 28, 2014)

Trevor Daley's shot goes in off the far post (vs St Louis Blues October 28, 2014)

Antoine Roussel - nothing but net (vs Anaheim Ducks October 31, 2014)

Which is your personal favorite for goal of the month in October?