Wanted: Klingberg Klips!

As promised:

Many of us have wondered what it will take to get John Klingberg's name to figure more prominently in the 2015 Calder Trophy conversation. Well, a fan campaign probably won't hurt, so let's do one.

I'm creating this fanpost as a place to collect our favorite John Klingberg highlight-reel moments. Hit that Post button and add away. Please post video and/or GIF links when and where you can, but do feel free to describe the play and note the game in which it occurred if you can't. I'll do my best to find the moving pictures that match.

The next step will be to find someone who's up for turning these mini-masterpieces into a short video. Use the comments to volunteer - or you can always just run with the material and post what you come up with here (you rebel). If more than one highlight reel is posted, we can either find a way to combine them or hold an impromptu vote for the fan favorite.

NOTE: I'm not talking about trying to work the refs, or force his candidacy (anyone who thinks an ad hoc fan campaign could do that in the first place probably needs to manage their own expectations). But as fans, we can give JK some of the recognition he's earned, and if we can create something fun and memorable in the process...well, there can't be much wrong with that.

Let's go. Thank you for reading this message!

via Graham Jenkins

John Klingberg

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