2015 NHL Draft Watching Thread - Day 2

Come watch the draft with us.

Live Stream:

Join us for our coverage of Day 2 of the 2015 NHL draft. We'll be analyzing each of the Dallas Stars picks (and any additional moves) as they occur, but here is the place to talk about any rumors, speculation, wild fantasies or anything else that worth of discussion during the day.

The picks start bright and early at 9 a.m. central time. Television coverage is scheduled to run on NHL Network until 12 p.m., though we can be relatively certain that if it runs long today, it won't get pre-empted for track coverage.

The Stars have five picks remaining as listed below:

2nd round - No. 49 overall

4th round - No. 103 overall

5th round - No. 133 overall

6th round - No. 163 overall

7th round - No. 193 overall

Unlike the first round, Day 2 tends to move pretty fast and furious once it gets rolling. There are still several high-profile trade targets out there, though, so you never know what will break, especially early.