2015 American Airlines Center Game Presentation & Music: Let Your Voice Be Heard

Help Grubes out.

Last year the Stars hired Michael Gruber (Grubes of 1310 The Ticket fame) as their new music director. He made quite a few changes to the music you heard at the American Airlines Center last year.

We tried to help out by taking suggestions. He has asked for suggestions again, and we're going to help out here at Defending Big D. All suggestions will be sent on to him, and all suggestions will be tallied here in this post. Leave them in the comments and the serious suggestions will get added to the text of the post.

Last year Grubes wanted to get a feel for the music Stars fans were wanting and he delivered in a big way; this time around he's asking for suggestions on how to fine-tune the game presentation for the fans after the improvements of last season. This is why having someone like Grubes running the show is so great -- he knows that this is for the fans, and wants to get them involved in this process as much as possible.

We all complain about various bits of the American Airlines Center presentation from time to time. But I think we can for the most part agree that the 2014 season was a massive improvement. But, let's see what we can do to help Grubes make the hockey atmosphere even better.

From Grubes and what he's looking for:

Let's start with a broad question: What would make your experience better?

Now into more specific ideas: Are there certain songs you'd like to hear in certain situations? Are there certain songs you'd just like to hear because you like them?

What about eggs...er, drops? With a full season under my belt, and with the encouragement of management, I intend on "letting loose" with drops as I did back at the Ticket. Is there anything specific you'd like to hear that I might not have originally considered?

And one addendum: I hope I don't have to play the "Let's Go Stars" chant or drumbeat AT ALL this season. The playoffs showed it's possible. Let's take that attitude to the regular season!