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Friday Fun: Jim Nill's Summer Calendar Revealed...

Because, well, mustache jokes

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

*This is a bit. It is only a bit. It is parody and it is a feeble attempt at humor. We don't often do these kinds of things (humor), but it's a long off-season... It is not meant to offend any party- If anyone cannot take a joke we humbly suggest, please, you avoid any future posts with the word "fun" in the title...

The month of May is such a dull one for those franchises not lucky enough to be one of the final eight, but front offices remain open. Tickets are being sold. Marketing is still being planned- And most importantly, general managers are preparing for their busy season starting at the draft and culminating in free agency in July.

A highly placed informant within the Dallas Stars organization has delivered to us a super-secret look into Jim Nill's upcoming calendar, that we may see how his off-season is progressing...

Click for full size version.


Looks like he's balancing work and pleasure quite well in these doldrums of May. Can you believe I forgot to make a golf joke?