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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Antoine Roussel, The French Alchemist?

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Daily Links today include gameday previews, prospect information and how Roussel is the French alchemist for the Dallas Stars.

Ronald Martinez

Another day, another game closer to the full set of 82. The Stars are one point back of the last wildcard spot in the West and have two games in hand on the Coyotes. The Coyotes took a point in a shootout loss yesterday against the Edmonton Oilers.

Does anyone else think this is going to be decided with that last game of the season? It seems to be happening to the Dallas Stars a lot in the past few years. No worries though, I'm looking forward to the next few years when we'll be thinking about whether we can clinch the President's Trophy in the last game of the season on the way to another Stanley Cup.

Well; I can hope.

But away from my ramblings, here are some links from around the NHL. Enjoy.

First up! It's game day, that means previews. Have some. [Stars Inside Edge][Fox Sports][ESPN][NHL]

Mike Heika has some opinions on the Stars special teams which didn't look good and cost them against the Hurricanes. In a lot of ways Heika points out that the special teams are like Sudokus. Sometimes it works and the numbers fall into the right places, sometimes they don't. [Dallas Morning News] And if you like difficult Sudokus, heres a British website to have fun with. Sudoku of the day!

As alluded to in the headline RDS had a feature last night on Antoine Roussel, the first full time French player in the NHL. Heres hoping he brews something up to get the Dallas Stars into the playoffs. [RDS]

I mentioned it earlier but yes, the Coyotes got a point yesterday taking them up into that last wildcard spot. It could have been worse as they were leading in regulation. The Stars still hold those two games in hand however so its all eyes on them. [NBC]

This is a few day old but Esa Lindell, Dallas Stars prospect, was selected to play in Finland's exhibition games against Latvia. In some ways it is a tryout for the WC. After winning gold with their WJC team it will be nice to see Lindell showing his stuff for the Finnish national team. [Leikonat]

Theres been a lot of articles calling out Alex Ovechkin's apparent lack of effort in the Washington Capitals 5-0 loss to the Dallas Stars. His coach, Adam Oates said he 'quit' on the play. Heres Puck Daddy's take on the whole thing. [Puck Daddy]

In the OHL one of the biggest second round match ups involves two Dallas Stars prospects. The top OHL team, the Guelph Storm (Jason Dickinson) are playing the London Knights (Gemel Smith). Heres an article from Buzzing The Net which asks why the OHL playoffs are structured in a way that allows two OHL giants to meet in the second round. [Buzzing The Net]

Finally on a funny note, the Three Stars of Comedy from Grantland. Enjoy. [Grantland]