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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Struggle to Solve Anton Khudobin and the Hurricanes

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In which a rough five minutes dooms the Stars, Kari Lehtonen enters a candidate in the 'flukiest goal allowed' competition, and, ahh forget it. Tampa Bay on Saturday...

This guy again...
This guy again...

Anybody else get the feeling during the first intermission, after the Stars had been controlling possession and failing to capitalize on multiple opportunities, that it was going to be one of those games? And sure enough, it happened...

Oh, and Tim Peel was reffing? That explains a lot too...

Not that the Stars can blame the loss on poor officiating. It was already essentially over when Peel got a little whistle-happy and ejected future-Lady Byng candidate Tyler Seguin from the game. But still. Somebody explain to me why a whistle gets blown for a penalty when Carolina have possession on a power play, and then, somehow the Stars end up defending a 5-on-3 after Ryan Garbutt, and nobody else, is sent to the box.

On another note, I was going to make a joke about how Patrik Nemeth being on the ice still results in no goals... Instead he sits in the penalty box for them! *da-dum-tshh!* But then he had to go and get a minus on the fourth Carolina goal.

You know, my biggest regret from last night's game is wasting the effort of Tim Thomas. He played as though he didn't realize the score was 3-0 when he came in, and actually gave the Stars a chance to get back in it.

Course, they didn't take that chance. But it was there.

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Sorry. I'm posting this one just 'cause it irks me. It talks about Lehtonen getting the yank after allowing three goals in five minutes, but fails to mention the incredibly fluky nature of the first, nor the bad luck on Nemeth's delay of game penalty, when a bouncing puck got lifted out of play. Context guys! Come on! [NBC Sports]

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