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Dallas Stars Daily Links: NHL Playoffs Produce Three Game Sevens Wednesday Night

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Surely you can find someone you hate to root against Wednesday night, as there are three game sevens.

Thearon W. Henderson

I hope you hit the snooze button a couple of times this morning, there, 2014 NHL Stanley Cup playoff fans- You have some serious work to do tonight. Three game sevens worth.

The Dallas Stars are out, and it still hurts, but we know from our ability to immediately plunge back into the fray, observing other action on NBC Sports Network, that they did well. That we're not quite satisfied, but that we're near enough that we can enjoy the other playoff action.

There's plenty enjoy tonight, and late, too. The Flyers were dominated by the New York Rangers in game five this weekend but managed to get the thing to a game seven last night, back-to-back, no less, with a 5-2 win. That gets going at 6:00pm tonight.

Then at 8:30pm CST on CNBC (hockey has been the first ever good use of CNBC) it's the Colorado Avalanche attempting to prove once and for all that the Minnesota Wild are indeed pretty mediocre. And vice versa.

Then at 9:00pm the main event on NBC Sports, or when the Rangers are done beating the Flyers in OT- The San Jose Sharks attempt to avoid legendary ridicule and history-making levels of choke against the Los Angeles Kings.

It's a smorgasbord as the first round, the BEST round- Really the best two weeks of the sports calendar year, and I'll fight anyone about it- Comes to a close. Some of us will also have an eye on TXA-21 and the little Dallas Mavericks as they attempt to stay in their series with the San Antonio Spurs.

October is pretty good, with the NHL, NFL, and MLB. April is better, though.


I've been there to watch them paint the ice. Seen the mist that goes down layer by layer. Never considered the melting. And boy, is it a sad sight...


  • First things first- Members of the Dallas Stars' organization are playing tonight and it's with them that our thoughts lie first and foremost. The Texas Stars take on the OKC Barons tonight for game three, already up 2-0 in the series thanks to back-to-back overtime wins. Follow Hundred Degree Hockey to keep up with the action. [Hundred Degree Hockey]
  • This would have been you, Stars fans. Except, you know, your team is better and would have beaten a better opponent. The East is like junior varsity. Anyway, see the elation of Flyers' fans as they force a game seven [Broad Street Hockey]
  • John Shannon says this is the first time three game sevens will be played on one night since 2003. [Twitter]
  • Lindy Ruff saliently and appropriately remarks that Rich Peverley's future in hockey is in God's hands. And I like him for that. [Montreal Gazette] We'll no doubt be talking about this as the off-season wears on.
  • More inane attention on the "rally belly" even after the Stars and Ducks' series has ended. [Toronto Star]
  • Locally, the Allen Americans forced a game seven vs Quad City, so if you want to see some pretty intense playoff action you can head out to Allen tonight. Game seven happens quick, back-to-back. [Allen Americans]
  • Our old friend Earl Sleek eulogizes the Dallas Stars on Puck Daddy, and even as maximum sarcasm and animosity are applied, you can always sense that the Pacific Division respects the Stars. Sorry Earl, it's true. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Austin Statesman is so sure you (or that anyone else) want to read their Texas Stars content they have it pay-walled. There's got to be a happy medium here. This is not it. [Austin Statesman]
  • The Sharks are confident tonight. They even think they kind of know which goalie will start for them, but you know, maybe not. Anyway, confidence. []
  • A bit of grace in victory here from our sister blog Anaheim Calling, where the Stars are concerned. [Anaheim Calling] Wish I were this nice ;)
  • When local TV stations are re-posting recycled AP reports about the Dallas Stars, you KNOW you've arrived, baby. [CBS DFW]