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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Two Western Conference Series' Heading for Game 7

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In which we see handshakes in Columbus, the Minnesota Wild keep things interesting in the Central, and the San Jose Sharks are enjoying their series so much they just want to keep playing forever...

Kirk Irwin

The Dallas Stars and St. Louis Blues were both eliminated from the playoffs on Sunday. And while the Stars had been the darling choice for upset of the first round, no one was truly surprised that they bowed out to a number one seed.

The St. Louis Blues on the other hand... How many pundits and writers and fans had them picked as the team to win it all? And then they made a move at the Trade Deadline for Ryan Miller and suddenly it was their year. All meaning that their fall has led to a much different reaction amongst the fan base than that of the Stars.

So where did it all go wrong?

* * *

The most memorable moments from the Dallas Stars' recently completed season. [Sports Day DFW]

Show me the money! Any cap geeks out there? This one's for you. [Sports Day DFW]

At the beginning of the season, getting to the playoffs was going to be considered a win for the Stars. In the end they did just that, and more. They gained relevance. [Scoreboard TX]

A look at Travis Morin down in the AHL, and whether he's ready to help the big club next season. [The Hockey Writers]

I'm gonna take a risk and post an article from the Ducks on Battle of Cali, written about Ryan Garbutt. Two things to remember when reading this article. One, it's satire. And two, Corey Perry looks like a [cross-eyed camel]. [Battle of Cali]

And on that note, Megalodon blames Corey Perry for the Sharks' struggles. [Battle of Cali]

Did somebody say Sharks' struggles? Boy, it's getting fun in that Pacific Division series. The Sharks have been outscored 13-4 in the last three games. Coincidentally losing all of them and so putting themselves on the verge of playoff history. But not the good kind. []

Although there was certainly controversy in the game! Namely that the game-winning Kings' goal should never have been allowed. [Puck Daddy]

Cam Atkinson of the Columbus Blue Jackets bought tickets for a group of hardcore fans in order that they could watch their team lose Game 6 to Pittsburgh. That's either really sweet, or really sadistic. [Puck Daddy]

Yeah... another wildcard team bites the dust. Columbus had a few playoff firsts this season, but winning a first playoff series will not be one of them. []

The one remaining wildcard? The Minnesota Wild. How much of a coincidence is that?! They held serve against the Avalanche, and the series goes back to Colorado for Game 7. []

And lastly, Detroit's fairy tale was short-lived. Eulogizing the Red Wings. [Puck Daddy]