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2014 NHL Playoffs: Dallas Stars Play Well, Lose in Six


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Ducks played 22 minutes of hockey in regulation. The Stars played 58. The teams went to overtime after a late Devante Smith-Pelley goal. The Stars attacked. For two minutes they stopped. It isn't a secret recipe. They lost. But, I speak for everyone.

Who cares? Let's look at fun.

Also, Trevor Daley. He had two goals and drilled Corey Perry. Goal number one is below.

GIF: Trevor Daley shoots out of the penalty box and scores on... on Twitpic

Daley's second goal is pretty similar.

This was the Stars 4th goal on 12 shots  on Twitpic

Daley had an 80 grade celebration too.

Daley's goal celebration was great  on Twitpic

Did I mention that Daley drilled Perry?

Daley vs Perry  on Twitpic

You want more gifs of Perry getting drilled don't you? I know I do.

Here is the delicious Goligoski hit on Perry on Twitpic

It is what it is. The Stars were just as good as Anaheim with a few things we can nitpick as we move along.

Now is not the time for that. Let's congratulate the Stars for a hell of a season. The offseason starts in earnest in about six weeks. For now, relax your hockey minds.