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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Face Must-Win Game Against the Ducks

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In which the San Jose Sharks love their reputation as 'playoff chokers' too much to let it go lightly, the Colorado Avalanche remain a team of destiny, and the Stars must win tonight's game. No, really...

Jeff Gross

The Western Conference is continually trying to prove how much better it is than the Eastern Conference. How are they doing it now? Well, by the intensity of their playoff series. You know how many of the Western Conference series stand at 3 games to 2?

All of them.

Meanwhile, in the East, the Bruins and Canadiens are already planning their second round matchup. I guess Pittsburgh-Columbus is exciting, but we all know the Blue Jackets are clinging on by the skin of their teeth. That and Marc-Andre Fleury's penchant for giving up awful goals just to keep things exciting. And I guess the Rangers-Flyers series is nicely poised at 2 games apiece, but they were probably contractually obliged by NBC to split the first six games.

The Stars fight for their playoff lives tonight in Dallas, while the Blues fight for theirs, but on the road in Chicago. And the Rangers and Flyers fight to take a 3-2 lead, but whatever. Wake me up in time for Game 7 of that series.

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Proof that tonight's game will exist. [Stars Inside Edge] [Sports Day DFW] []

Mike Heika, making us all feel better after Friday night's loss. [Sports Day DFW]

Everybody says what they're meant to say, in preparation for Game 6. [Sports Day DFW]

Ryan Garbutt was fined a little beer money for his spear on Corey Perry. Did he get off lightly? Probably. Do I care? Not at all. Especially not considering it was Perry, who, one, embellished it, and two, 'speared' Jamie Benn not so long in the distant past and received nothing but a two-minute minor for it. If that didn't even get a hint of supplemental discipline, then Garbutt better not get more than the league max fine. [Puck Daddy]

According to the NHL website, the Ducks want to avoid a Game 7 against the Stars. Well no sh** Sherlock. []

Twilight zone time. The Blackhawks took a 3-2 series lead over the Blues on Friday night. Fine you say, these things happen. And that's exactly it! This exact same thing happened to the Blues last year. No, seriously. Check out the comps. [CSN Chicago]

The Colorado Avalanche once again came from behind to tie the score in the final moments of regulation, and then win in overtime. Controversy this time though, in the form of a... blown offsides call? I'm all for video review being expanded, but seriously. Why can't refs just get calls right? [Puck Daddy]

The Boston Bruins became the second team to advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Here are five reasons they did so, besides the obvious one that they were always going to. []

The San Jose Sharks are finding it awfully difficult to get that fourth win. They got blanked 3-0 by the Kings last night. In San Jose. Woops. []

Columbus can come back. I have faith. []

The Washington Capitals failed to make the playoffs, and thus we all knew heads were going to roll. And so it goes... [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

And lastly, a little perspective, courtesy of Down Goes Brown:

"Most important: It's only the second week of the playoffs. We've got a long way to go, people. Pace yourself. Pick your battles. This is a marathon of whining, indignity, and victimhood, not a sprint. Let's all make sure we still have something left in the transparently fake outrage tank by May." [Grantland]