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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars-Ducks First Round Down to a Best of 3 Series

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In which the Stars and Ducks are back in Anaheim, and back to even, the LA Kings decide not to go quietly, and Rally Belly, furries, and Duck Tales inspire the Stars...

Tom Pennington

So much has happened on the ice these past few days, what with the Stars storming their way back into this playoff series against the Ducks, but it's time to talk about what happens off the ice. And no, I don't mean with the players and coaches. I mean really off the ice. This is the Playoffs, when players lay it all out there... and fans do too.

Rally Belly has garnered national attention after helping the Stars to victory on Wednesday. There was also the Duck Tales theme being played on Monday, and my favorite of all, Bruce Boudreau's two friends, a giant mouse with an Eakin jersey, and a giant fox with a Lehtonen jersey, taunting the Anaheim coach throughout the game.

I tried to find examples of other teams and their fans being even half as great as those of the Stars, but I couldn't find much. Not that I should have expected much from the Flyers. At least Columbus fans have some idea of how to troll. Although how upset those particular penguins are is another story...

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We usually have quotes post-game in here, but just to mix it up a bit we have off-day quotes today. [Sports Day DFW]

On the hurdles the Stars have faced thus far in the series, dominance in the faceoff circle, and the play of Alex Goligoski. [On the Radar]

Ryan Getzlaf unavailable again tonight? []

The Los Angeles Kings miraculously remembered how to win a hockey game last night, and thus the Tampa Bay Lightning remain the only 2014 playoff team not currently playing in the playoffs. In memorial to the first of the fallen. [Puck Daddy]

Jarome Iginla's still got it. His overtime goal led the Bruins past the Red Wings, and puts Detroit on the brink. [Puck Daddy]

Wait, what?! The Minnesota Wild evened their series against the Colorado Avalanche?! Man but the Western Conference Playoffs are exciting! Excepting San Jose-LA, which we all knew was gonna be rubbish from the start. []

Selke Trophy Finalists! The finalists for the more important awards will be named soon. []

Check out Patrick Kane's amazing goal celebration. [Puck Daddy]

Down Goes Brown swallows his pride as a Leafs fan (is it possible to have pride as a Leafs fan?) and writes an article in praise of the first team to advance to the second round, the Montreal Canadiens. [Grantland]

And lastly, a quick glimpse behind the scenes at the Stars locker room following Wednesday night's 4-2 victory. Isn't Kari Lehtonen cute?