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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Hit Back in First-Round Playoff Series Against Ducks

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In which #fancystats can take a hike.

Tom Pennington

Hi-ooo! Stars win!

So the Stars finally figured out what it takes to beat the Ducks. And no, it's not necessarily sending Jamie Benn in to battle atop a dinosaur. No, the real solution is simple. Lose the fancy stats battle. The Stars got outshot 37-22 last night, and out-Corsi'd all kinds of crazy to none. Now is that a recipe for continued success? I don't know. Ask the Maple Leafs. Or the Ducks. Or the Avalanche. Or the Wild.

Of course, take score effects in to account and it was a much closer stats battle. Which is good to know, because, sustained success and all. But right now, I don't give any more than two figs about sustained success. I'm living in the here and now. And in that place, the Stars won a playoff game against the Ducks that they deserved to win (what a novel concept), and are firmly back in this first-round series. Granted, they'll be more firmly back in the series if they can gain a win on Wednesday night, but that's a scenario for future-David to worry about.

For right now though, all you really need to know is that Lindy Ruff had a smile on his face. That says it all really, doesn't it? [Sports Day DFW] [Stars Inside Edge] []

On a more serious note, thoughts and prayers for Stephane Robidas.

* * *

I used to like Anaheim Calling.

"Nich' Market"? Really NHL? That's as puntastic as you get? Whatever though. Nichushkin scored a goal that he never should have scored, but he did! Would almost make you think Frederik Andersen was a rookie netminder! []

Bruce Boudreau would like you to know that the Ducks are a bunch of pansies. Oh, and also, you shouldn't fight Ryan Getzlaf. Even if he throws the first punch. You know, ugly injured face and all... [Sports Day DFW]

Further player quotes from last night, just in case you want a lower opinion of Getzlaf. [Sports Day DFW]

Some goalkeeper named Kari Lehtonen was named NHL's First Star last night. He was also Puck Daddy's third star, which, considering three goaltenders pitched shutouts, and another made 45 saves, and Mikael Granlund did this, I'll take. [Puck Daddy]

Everybody's favorite [former senior vice president of the NBA] Gary Bettman has said that an outdoor NHL game is totally a possibility for Dallas, provided it will sell out. So promise me you'll all buy tickets. [ESPN]

Dallas' 'best friend forever' the Columbus Blue Jackets managed to lose last night, despite being in no position to do so. Bobrovsky, you're off the force!! [Puck Daddy]

Finally, the Blackhawks won a game against the Blues. What took you so long guys? []

Semyon Varlamov stood on his head for the Colorado Avalanche last night, but it still wasn't enough as the Avs lost a thriller game to the Wild. []

Breaking news! It's been confirmed, Matt Cooke is a prick. [Puck Daddy]

And lastly, in the battle of playoff beards, the Stars have already won.