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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Back In The AAC With Playoff Hockey For The First Time Since 2008

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The Stars are back in the AAC fighting to get back from a 2-0 series deficit against the Anaheim Ducks.

Jeff Gross

It's been a long time since the American Airlines Center has seen NHL playoff hockey but that is set to change this evening. After six years the Stars will play their first home playoff game since their run in 2008.

The faces have changed a lot since the Stanley Cup Playoffs was painted onto the ice at the AAC. Only one member of that 2008 team remains with the Dallas Stars: Trevor Daley. It's a point that has been made again and again, that 10 of these players for Dallas have never been in the NHL playoffs until this year.

With the Stars two games down in this opening series it might be worth remembering the mantra from that magical run in 2008:


(Youtube Credit - Jeff Kovarsky)

Today's Daily Links:

It's game day! Have some game previews. [][Stars Inside Edge]

Next, Mike Heika takes a look at the possible home ice advantages that the Dallas Stars have at the AAC. The Stars have won 10 out of the their last 12 home games and are hoping to use that to their advantage.  [Dallas Morning News]

Despite being down 2-0 in this first round series against the Anaheim Ducks Lindy Ruff is feeling positive. "It doesn't feel like an 0-2 series. We definitely haven't been dominated." Well, lets hope they use that and home advantage to get a game or two back in this series. [Star Telegram]

A look at game three from Rant Sports, Seguin and Benn could be lethal on home ice. I sure hope so. [Rant Sports]

Finally on the Dallas-Anaheim playoff front, the Ducks need to have quicker starts compared to what they have been doing. Just do the flying V guys. [ESPN]

Brent Seabrook was given a three game suspension by the NHL Department of Player Safety for his check on David Backes. []. In addition to the incident, did Duncan Keith taunt Backes as he was getting up? The answer: maybe. [Puck Daddy] Whoever it was, they might want to take a long look at themselves. Hockey might be physical but that doesn't mean mocking fallen opponents.

Justin Bourne at The Score have been looking into relative playoff ticket costs from around the league their first round match ups. Good news Stars fans, the Stars have the cheapest playoff tickets from around the league. [The Score]

Read more here:

Jim Matheson at the Edmonton Journal has posted some thoughts ranging from Nathan MacKinnon (He isn't doing too badly is he?) to potential AHL realignment. It's an interesting read. [Edmonton Journal]