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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Blues and Avalanche Take Series Leads with Overtime Wins

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In which the Avs and Blues follow late game heroics with overtime wins, LA tries to one-up the Stars by going 5 goals down at the midway point of a game, and Brenden Dillon's status remains a mystery...

The Stars are coming for Frederik Andersen
The Stars are coming for Frederik Andersen
Jeff Gross

Colorado are going to win the Stanley Cup. There is such a thing as destiny you know.

The Avalanche finished 3rd in the league this year, after placing 29th last season. 29th! Can you imagine what we'll be saying next year if the Florida Panthers become one of the top teams in the league?

*David makes note to bet on Florida winning the Atlantic Division next season*

So the Avs turned it around and had a good season, you say. What does that have to do with them winning the Stanley Cup? Well last night, the Avs entered the third period of Game 1 in the 'Paper Tiger Series' trailing by 2 goals. 13 minutes remaining they came back to within one. Thirteen seconds remaining, they tied the game. And then, because the script couldn't have been written any other way, Paul Stastny, who already had the game-tying goal, scored the game winner seven minutes into overtime. If that's not destiny, then I don't know what is. Thank goodness too, as I was really sweating getting a prediction wrong.

I still think Colorado's bubble is going to burst, but I'm convinced now that it's not going to be this year.

My only regret is that it's really gonna suck to lose to Patrick Roy in the Conference Finals...

* * *

In other playoff news, there were a couple of exciting games played. And a couple of less than exciting games. I mean, there wasn't even a fight in the Rangers-Flyers game to make up for the Flyers', oh shall we say, lackluster?, performance. Wonder how long that clean fight sheet will last...

The Kings at least attempted to make things interesting, putting themselves in a 5-0 hole (you thought 4-0 was bad) but then scoring three goals to at least allow them to pull their goaltender with dignity in the final minutes and have an empty netter round out the scoring.

In the Central Division however, in the Central things were exciting! Conference III really is the best. Two overtime games, both involving come from behind wins. I mean, everybody knew the Avalanche were never really going to lose that game(see above), but the Blues? The Blues were done before this series began, let alone the game. Dead in the water, overstretched, better luck with the blockbuster trade next year.

So of course they tie the game with less than 2 minutes remaining, and then play two scoreless overtime periods before winning it 26 seconds into the third overtime. And hey, an assist for Steve Ott! Woohoo!

But what's this? Joel Quenneville was upset? Well, he actually had pretty good reason to be. Regardless, nice disco moves Q.

* * *

Oh yeah, Stars and Ducks play tonight! [Stars Inside Edge] [Sports Day DFW] [ESPN]

Frederik Andersen back in net for the Ducks? []

And of course, Ryan Getzlaf's not gonna miss a game. "Tis but a scratch!" []

A handy-dandy flow chart here, to help people choose which playoff team to support. I can only assume this is how the majority of you became Stars fans. 'Merica! [Sports Pickle]

And lastly, Obscene Alex was at the game Wednesday night. Meaning that, while we all saw Tyler Seguin's shot hit Ryan Getzlaf in the face, Alex felt it. Or heard it at least. [III Communication]